Dialysis-Approved Recipes from Registered Dietician

Welcome! We strive to help people transform their journeys and elevate their spirits in style with our dialysis shirts. We design dialysis clothing for everyday use, so you don’t have to change clothes for treatment. 

Hillary and I (Jennifer) are Dialysis Nurses living in Oregon. We have spent much time listening to dialysis patients tell us what their needs are and what they find the most difficult to deal with when on dialysis. Our priority is producing our line of dialysis shirts and dialysis clothing, but we realized we have so much more to share. On our community page you will find interesting articles and resources that include tips and facts that can help you to take ownership of your chronic disease process. Benefits of becoming more knowledgeable about your condition include having an easier time talking with your dialysis team (nephrologist, social worker, dietician, patient care technician, and nurses), improving your overall health, and feeling more in control of your life.

Today we are highlighting one awesome resource that we feel will change lives. Our initial thought: “How does this resource not already exist?!”

We would like to introduce all of you to Jonathan Diaz. He is a Registered Dialysis Dietician in the Los Angeles area. He is helping people with End Stage Kidney Disease to not only live with their diagnosis, but to thrive, by developing delicious, healthy, simple recipes that are dialysis-friendly. But he isn’t stopping there, he is also creating instructional videos about how to cook each recipe! Through Jonathan’s videos, people living with End Stage Kidney Disease and their families can learn how to eat well and enjoy food in a non-stressful environment. Check out his YouTube channel so you too can taste these fantastic dishes while staying on a KIDNEY-FRIENDLY DIET!

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-Hillary and Jennifer

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